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  • Choucare

    ChoucareCreated to Educate and Inspire, those in the Windsor Essex Community

  • Simbas Cubs

    Simbas CubsEducating and Inspiring the Windsor Essex Youth, in Science and Technology

    Simbas Cubs
  • Windsor Talks

    Windsor TalksA stage for community leaders to spread and motivate personal development

    Windsor Talks
  • Better You, Better Me

    Better You, Better MeA peer to peer to program created to help guide and inspire self development

    Better You, Better Me

Who We Are

Choucare is a group of local Windsor Essex leaders who have joined together to inspire and influence growth in the area.

What We Do

The Choucare Group looks to inspire all members of the Windsor Essex Community, regardless of economic background, race, gender and creed to become the best versions of themselves in there personal and business lives.

How We Do It

The Choucare Group offers a number of programs ranging from peer to peer advice periods from local industry, and subject matter experts to youth training programs.

Why We Do It

The Choucare Group are deep believers that giving back to the community allows you to grow as person. The Programs allow each of our volunteers to gain new perspectives on life while feeling the great about giving back.

Up Coming Events,

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There are no upcoming events at this time.
There are no upcoming events at this time.