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About Us

Choucare is in the business of inspiring innovation, peer mentorship and teaching individuals to be self-sufficient in the Windsor Essex community. Our goal is to be the community leader in self-reliance programs. Our objectives are:

to host quarterly talks led by community experts
to work with local educators in developing technology skills in youth

Our business philosophy is to inspire a sense of self-worth to any individual that walks into a Choucare program. They will have a special experience. They will have an emotional connection. They will feel an energy and excitement they cannot get anywhere else.
We follow a simple philosophy of serving our consumers with the possible self-sufficiency programs available. We do not compromise on quality for quantity. Each program is vetted by our team of subject matter experts to be the highest return on financial, emotional and time commitments by our consumers.

We believe in the philosophy that the greatest of individual success relies on helping others achieve the same success. We do not believe age, gender, race, class restrictions should ever be a variable in which we help. We believe our community strength is the diversity in cultures, backgrounds, experiences and creeds. As such our programs are tailored to all members of the Windsor Essex community.
The Choucare teams are handpicked individuals from the Windsor Essex community who have a track record of having and applying the Choucare core competencies.

Our core competencies are:

Providing Motivational Support: The ability to enhance others’ commitment to their work.
Fostering Teamwork: the ability and desire to work cooperatively with others on a team; as a team leader, the ability to demonstrate interest, skill, and success in getting groups to learn to work together.
Empowering Others: The ability to convey confidence in abilities to be successful, especially at challenging new tasks; delegating significant responsibility and authority; allowing employees freedom to decide how they will accomplish their goals and resolve issues.

We are involved in a number of community driven activities in the Windsor Essex Area.

Our Executive Team:

Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board

Easa Ahmadzai is the acting Chairman of the Board of Directors. Easa is an expert in the field of emerging technologies and a local recognized leader in world class manufacturing.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Samer Toukan is the founder and current Chief Executive Officer of the Choucare Foundation. Samer has traveled across Canada inspiring teams of people to focus on there goals and develop the skills they need to become self sufficient.

Our Board of Directors:

Director of Legal Affairs

Director of Legal Affairs

Ahmad Ammar is a community leader in the Windsor Essex area. Ahmad has been a outspoken advocator of human rights locally and international.